Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sinatra Framework

My current obsession in the Ruby world is Sinatra + Sequel. Sinatra is a gorgeously light web framework sitting on top of Rack. I've written my invoicing tool for work in Sinatra, using Sequel to talk to a SQLite database, and jQuery for the fancy stuff.

I once was a prototype/scriptaculous devotee, but jQuery has won me over for almost everything lately. It's better documented (or rather, by the time I jumped on board, the documentation for jQuery was better than my usual prototype references, noting that I was a prototype early adopter and docs were a bit thin on the ground. The current state of prototype docs may be much better).

Anyway. The point here (you, blessed reader(s), may be forgiven for missing it) is my new iPhone, and this link: Building an iPhone web app with Sinatra. And also Turbaconducken, which is great. Next project is adapting my invoicer to work nicely on the iPhone, for shits and giggles.